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"A sensual, opulent and impressive film about climate change“

  - International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg

"A momentous and touching document“

  - Frankenpost, Germany

"Long-term documentary in impressive pictures

  - SWR Broadcast, Germany

Trees of Protest

Hambi stays - A cinematic Journal of the Climate Protest

Trees of Protest


A long-term feature documentary about the bitter struggle of environmental activists against the lignite mine Hambach and the energy giant RWE.


A film about climate justice and the movement #HambiBleibt,

which gained international attention during the autumn 2018 events.


We come to

the 7th Utopianale

in Hanover! On February 23, 2020 we will watch Trees of Protest together. There will be a film discussion afterwards and I look forward to many questions from you!


The DVD is on the way to the press shop! We'll keep you up to date ...


Germany 2019

Genre:             Feature Documentary

Length:           103 min

Language:       German, Engl. subt.

Picture size:    Colour, 2K DCP, 1:1,85

Sound:             5.1 Surround Sound


Producer & Director:  Nick Schader

Editors:                        Eva-Maria Beck,
                                      Thomas Welker

Animations:                 Stefan Weinholz

Soundmixing:              Bernd Thurig

2nd Camera:                Marcel Kolvenbach

Translation:                  Daniel Gallimore


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